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Planning a Pre-Wedding Glam Party

All of the most important women to you are in this one place, helping you prepare for the best day of your life! Although I'm on the hair and makeup side of things, I get a front row seat to everything that happens while getting ready for a wedding. There are a few ways to establish a balance of getting things done, and having lots of fun with all your besties!

Being that the rehearsal dinner is normally the night prior, you could have 2 different types of bridesmaids show up. One that went to bed at 9, to be fully prepared for all the fun tomorrow girl; and then the one that drank her weight in tequila, and quite evidently got 2 hours of sleep girl. I will prepare you for both! The key is the coffee & mimosa bar, complete with a coffee set up, (coffee, cups, creamer, sugar, stirrers) and everything you need for mimosas (champs, OJ, cranberry juice, champagne flutes). Some of my brides have included a personalized, insulated cup especially for wedding day beverages, in the bridesmaid gift bags. These cups happen to be perfect for mimosas or coffee being that they keep things hot or cold!

This will be sure to keep the tired people awake, and the anxious people calm. Win, Win!

Now that we have booze, we're going to need some food to keep energy high, and your girls from getting too tipsy (believe me, it happens). Sometimes hair and makeup is going on for 6 hours. Between getting ready, and the time between the ceremony and reception (if you waited) you would literally starve, and be 3 sheets to the wind. So please make sure everyone eats. A simple tray of sandwiches, or wraps from any grocery store for lunch, a spread of bagels and fruit for breakfast, or a mix of both for brunch (along with plates and plastic wear). At any cost, it is essential that you, (especially you, even if you’re not hungry, even if you feel sick) and your bridesmaids eat something substantial before festivities begin. You will thank me. I promise.

Hopefully all of your vendors have been a dream, and you know what time your photographer, and flowers will be arriving to your getting ready location. To help prepare for their arrival, Set space aside for your flowers to be showcased. Also, bring a large bag or basket to give to one of your bridesmaids for collecting details for your photographer. Having it all together ahead of time, spares you from running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Getting your details together includes: Finding a pretty spot to hang dresses, steaming dresses (for photos), collect both rings, brides dress, brides shoes, invitation, save the date, and any memento like borrowed jewelry, or a handkerchief. Really anything that‘s important to you will need to be set aside for the photographer.

No Glam Party would be complete without MUSIC! Be sure that at least one of your bridesmaids brings a blue tooth speaker, so everyone can enjoy the jams. Pandora or Spotify have a ton of playlists that would be appropriate for your day. I even recommend creating a playlist, so you can totally set the vibe during this precious time with your ladies!

The one last tip I have in my bag of party tricks is for when things go a little sour. Someone has an upset stomach, a headache, cut their foot on a broken champagne flute, or heaven forbid, got mustard on their dress! Ask one of the moms, or more motherly bridesmaids (theres always at least 1) to pack a little medicine bag complete with motrin, tylenol, tums, safety pins, bandaids, a tide to go stick. This all seems minor, but could really save the day for any unfortunate accident.

All of the essentials for this party can easily be set up by just a few ladies. Write these tasks (no matter how small) on a notecard, and add it to their gift bag. Let your bridesmaids, or even the moms take care of some of the logistics like the food or alcohol.

With your girl gang knowing what to do (from my previous post) and how to do it, you are guaranteed a fun, stress free fiesta with all your best Chicas! Check back every Wednesday for more, and stay beautiful, because thats what everything should be anyways.




Hair: Brooke Roush


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