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The Pro's Bride Guide to Do's and Don'ts before your "I Do's"

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

One of the perks of being in this massive industry is working with other boss babes like myself! I’ve reached out to a few friends in the industry to see if they had anything to add to my month of prep before your big day! Together we have come up with some tips and tricks to looking and feeling your most beautiful from the inside out. Wedding prep doesn’t just have to be solely about hair and makeup. It’s about taking the right steps to feeling your absolute best on the best day of your life! Keep reading for the ultimate wedding prep guide from all the experts :)

To start with my first love which is hair of coarse, heres a little advice from local Boss Babe, long time friend, bad ass hair stylist, and bridal hair and makeup artist, Krysta Embardino (Owner of Revelry Hair Studio in Bel Air, MD). She recommends a keratin treatment up to 3 months before the big day (for my frizzy hair girls). A fresh trim the week of, will have your curls looking smooth and polished! She also talks about staying away from anything too trendy with color. "You don't wanna look back 10 years from now and wonder, What the HELL was I Thinking?! Keep it on the natural side". I could not agree more! I also always recommend for my brunette ladies, a subtle highlight or baby light. A little little dimension in a braid or an updo just makes everything look more interesting. If length, or fullness is what your searching for, clip in extensions are a great option to buy ahead of time. Have them color matched by your personal, or bridal hair stylist. Your wedding hair trial is a great time for this!

As for pre wedding skin care and makeup, my go to girl is, and always will be Cassie McIntyre (Owner of Flawless Finish). We have been teaming up on weddings for forever now!! Follow this Beauty's steps for that perfect glow leading up to your big day!

An exfoliating facial with extractions, and a purifying mask is in order, but your going to want this to be at least 1 month out due to marks or irritations on the skin. Moving from the skin to the lips.. The week before your wedding, try a lip exfoliant! She explains that mixing a little olive oil/brown sugar, and lightly rubbing it on the lips, followed by your favorite chapstick is the perfect recipe for a silky smooth kisser, and essential for lipstick application! This advice is perfection. Be sure to solidify you skincare routine a few months out, so you don’t have any surprises leading up to this day. Also, drinking plenty of water leading up to your nuptials will have your skin and lips looking better than any high end product ever could, so drink up!!

While talking about the face, there are 2 other features that we haven't mentioned yet. Brows, and lashes. Good thing I know the queen of both!! Hannah Walker is an amazing brow/lash godess, bridal makeup artist, and lovely friend. She mentions that “eyelash extensions are completely customizable, and I am able to achieve so many different looks to suit all eye shapes and preferences.” So don’t be scared of them for your wedding! she does however recommend a trial run before the big day to test out things like allergies, aftercare, and preference. Try them out for a Bachlorette weekend, or even your bridal shower! She reccomends the same trial process for brows! While microblading is all the rage right now, if you are less than 3 months out, stick to superficial shading like henna, or tinting before the wedding.

Introducing a new beauty regimen is always a good idea! A little self-love never hurt nobody! Let this be your guide to perfecting your wedding day look. Don't forget that all these details are not only going to benefit your wedding day, but also your honeymoon. You know that no makeup, wifey glow!! They say it takes a village to raise a child, well the same applies to a business, and Brides!! With out the love and support of these ladies, I would be no where, and all of our brides would be lost! So, stick with us, for all the dos and don’ts before your I do’s!

Stay Beautiful,

because thats what everything should be anyways!



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