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The Perfect Trial

Weather it be your hair trial, makeup trial, or both, be sure to be fully prepared for this awesome, pre wedding, beauty test drive!

First and foremost, I recommend your trial being no more than six months out. We as women have a tendency to change our minds a million times, so making the trial date closer to the big day, really keeps things fresh!

A proper consultation is in order! One of the first questions I ask my bride before a hair and makeup trial, is what they would hate to see their hair/makeup look like. What don’t you like about certain bridal looks. This is always a great way to hone in on what kind of look you want to achieve, while also teaching me what to stay away from. The next best tool for a consultation is photos. Inspiration photos are a must!! Do yourself a favor, and choose 3 photos for both hair and makeup. Explain to your stylist/artist what you do, and don’t like about each one, or how you’d like to combine them. This is the perfect recipe for consultation nirvana! This is how you, the bride, get exactly what you want! Don’t get me wrong, I love brides that just let me do my thing, but this is your bridal trial. So now is the time to stand up for all the little details; for all things hair and makeup!

Be sure to bring your honest friend with you. Bringing mom is always a great idea also! Bottom line, you want it to be someone that is going to really help you tweak this look to perfection in preparation for the best day of your life. Make sure it’s someone good!

For hair trials, you will want to bring any accessories that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day! This includes your vail, any special accessories, or clip in hair extensions. Hair extensions have become increasingly popular among brides, and I recommend them 100% (I will be adding a post on hair extensions). This is a test run, so you want to have everything at your trial, that you need for the actual day.

When it comes to your makeup trial, your artist will have everything he/she needs to give you the perfect bridal glow. However; I talked about a touch up kit in my previous post, and it’s a good idea to bring your touch up lip colors, so your makeup artist can help you decide what color to go with. If you have any allergies, by all means, bring your own makeup, and we will make it work!

A trial isn’t at all mandatory, but definitely necessary to ensure the efficiency and quality of your services. It also gives the artist and the bride a chance to meet, and get to know each other a bit before jumping in to what could be a really crazy day! Scheduling your hair trial and makeup trial together is always a good idea, so you really get the full effect! Although it doesn’t always work out like this, it’s worth a try! An engagement session with your photographer after your trial would be an amazing way to see how your hair and makeup photographs. Think about even planning a date night after, or a girls night! Get opinions from your friends, and pay attention to longevity! A night on the town is the best way to put your trial hair and makeup to the test!

To get the most out of your trial, make a list of questions, bring photos, and be prepared, so that more time is spent perfecting what you want. Starting from total scratch, and having no idea could take precious time out of your meeting.

Trials are amazing, and in my opinion essential. Following my advice, will really give you a little piece of mind, and get you excited for an awesome day of GLAM!!

Stay tuned for all things hair, makeup, beauty, weddings, travel, and Stay Beautiful..

Because that’s what everything should be anyways!!



All Photos by:

Makeup by: Brooke Roush

Hair by: Breanna Murray

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