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What’s in your Touch-up Kit?

You spend all day with your bridesmaids getting glamorous for the biggest, most photographed day of your life! You'll want to make sure that through the dancing, the hugs, the kisses, and the love, that you have the tools to keep your hair and makeup looking amazing at all times . As artists we can only insure hair and makeup to a certain extent. I mean, I’ve had a brides makeup stay on even after jumping in the pool, but things could get a little messy after a cake fight, or one of Uncle Joes famous hugs.

You may be the kind of girl that wants to wear her battle scars of the night proudly. Truthfully, after the photographer leaves, you’re able to really let your hair down, and do your thing (no judgment); However, while the photographer is there, you better be looking amazing (for all that money you paid), and I'm gonna tell you how!

First, you'll need a makeup bag. This could be any type of bag, as long as everything I list fits in it. I know you, or one of your bridesmaids has at least 20 Ipsy bags sitting around, so put one of the better ones too good use! You may even be able to use a few of those Ipsy samples, or brushes for your kit!

moving on, I'm going to list 5 items That I truly believe belong in that touch up kit of yours. These items can be any brand you choose, but i will link my favorites below! (low price, middle priced, and high end).

1. Setting powder/powder makeup- This powder can be translucent, or it could be your skin tone, loose, or pressed. The job that it does is keeping you from looking sweaty and shiny, while also keeping blemishes covered naturally. Any kind of compact or jar of loose powder will do. If you have a blemish, or want a bit more coverage, opt for something thats your skin tone as opposed to translucent.

*Low Price:


*High End:

2. Bronzer- Now, when I say bronzer, please don't muddy up the beautiful masterpiece your makeup artist spent an eternity on. Go for a matte or satin bronzer thats right for your skin tone. you can use this for just a little more color on your face, without any redness or shimmer. Perfect for refreshing that summer glow.

*Low Price:


*High End:

3. Makeup Brush: You just need something to apply your setting powder or bronzer, so don't over think it. A small blush brush, or bronzer brush should do just fine.

*Low Price-


*High End-

4. Lip Color: Chances are you had a trial with your makeup artist, and you gals decided on your wedding day lip color. If not, don't panic, you can always go into your local beauty store, and try a million things on with the help of an associate. Lips are one thing that I can't insure all day. With a liquid, long lasting lip, the chances are much better, but I always recommend having a lip color to touch up wit just in case.There are so many different kinds of lips, and it all depends on if you want a matte, satin, or glossy lip (i know, confusing right?). So if you go shopping alone, grab a few options, a let your makeup artist help you decide. Below I will link a few of my favorite brands of lips.

*Low Price- - Liquid lipsticks, or Lippie stick

*Middle- - liquid lip

*High End- - Quick dry lip paint, or the Lip sculptor

5. Travel size hair spray: There are a million reasons to have a small little hairspray in your kit. Its always a good idea to keep all your gorgeous locks where they‘re supposed to be, even on a windy day! Also be sure to ask your hairstylist for a few bobbi pins to add. You may not need them, but you'll be thankful if you’ve got a few stragglers.

*Low Price-


*High End-

Try and keep it simple with this kit. Less really is more! You don’t want to be digging through a big bag of junk to find what You’re looking for. You just need a few things to keep your bridal glow fresh! You may not even touch this kit, but there’s beauty in the fact that it’s there if you need it. Store this kit in the venue bathroom, under the sink, so that when you go in for a mirror check, its right there for you. if this isn’t an option, leaving a bridesmaid in charge of the touch up kit is a great job to delegate!

If I'm forgetting one of your essential products, please feel free to add it to your kit! This day is all about YOU after all. Think of this kit as a friend thats there to touch up tears, and make you feel pretty again!

Trust me, you’re friend, make the kit!

Check back for All Things Hair, Makeup, Weddings, and Travel!

Stay Beautiful, because thats what everything should be anyways..



All Photos by:

Bride Hair and Makeup: Brooke Roush

Bridal Party Hair: Brooke Roush

Bridal Party Makeup: Brianna Roush

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