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What to Tell your Bridesmaids before the Morning of your Wedding.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hopefully you've chosen your bridesmaids carefully, and they are a few of your closest friends or family members. You may also however have a friend from each stage of your life, a few long lost cousins, and all of your fiancé's sisters standing up there with you, and that could add up to a ton of people for you to manage. In either case, its important to communicate what is expected of them on the morning of your wedding. This will ensure less stress for you, and also a black and white list of guidelines for them to refer to.

With 500 + weddings under my belt, let me help you keep your wedding morning running like a well oiled machine!

First and foremost, the most important part about the morning of your wedding is Hair and Makeup! Thats why we're all here at the crack of dawn right? Be sure that whoever you choose for hair and makeup, gives you a schedule, that way everyone has an idea about how timing should go.This really helps to have each of your bridesmaids where they need to be, at the time they need to be there! There is nothing like running behind, because we can't find a bridesmaid).

Explain any special instructions from your hair and makeup team, to your bridesmaids, that way everyone is 100% prepared!

(I have a sheet that I send to my brides for their brides maids, Look for the HMU Prep Button at the bottom of any page for reference)

As far as presents go, I am fully supportive of spoiling your bridesmaids with all they've done for you through this process. Instead of giving gifts at the rehearsal dinner, do them a favor, and hold them until the next morning in the bridal suite. Any bags, robes, and gifts you have for your girls should be ready to go the night before, but given the next day, so that no one forgets something crucial on the day of the wedding. Your girls are getting up extra early, and are pretty nervous about making sure they have their dress and shoes, so this is helpful for them not to have to worry about 1 more thing, and to have everything, and everyone in one place!

If you decide to do gift bags, slip a little instruction sheet inside for each bridesmaid. This keeps jobs clear and concise, so everyone knows what they are responsible for on this day! (hand written is fine!) Even if its as simple as gathering details for the photographer, making mimosas, steaming dresses, or setting up food. All tasks are important, and will essentially take all of your stress away if jobs are delegated properly!

There always seems to be so much time in the beginning of this getting ready process, but it never fails that the last hour is total mayhem, flying cutlets, lots of hairspray in the air, and no one knowing what the hell is going on, or what they should be doing! These girls chose to stand by your side for a reason, so let them help you!

Im here to tell you, that providing everyone with a little structure, could really keep things running as smooth as possible.

I will be talking a lot more about planning for the morning of your wedding in the next few posts! Check back for more tips on how to keep this morning stress free!!

Thanks for popping in!!



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